Skunk Removal

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We are excited to expand our services to offer safe and effective skunk removal services!

We’ve all been there before: you’re in your yard maybe enjoying a warm summer night, letting your dog out, or maybe you’re just taking out the trash and, bam! A skunk sneaks up on you. While skunks popularly roam throughout residential neighborhoods, they may also decide to nest in your home or your backyard/patio area – especially as the temperatures drop in the colder months. All Seasons Pest Control is here to help remove these creatures from your home so that you can rest assured knowing that your home is skunk-free.


Skunk Removal Services at All Seasons Pest Control

Signs of Skunk Nesting

Droppings + Skunk Tracks 

Compared to other common neighborhood animals, skunks have very distinct paw prints which makes identifying them easier. A skunk’s droppings look and are a similar size to that of a cat’s. The main difference is that skunk droppings contain undigested foods like seeds, feathers, berries, or insects.

Ground Depressions

Skunks search for food in backyards by digging small 3 – 4 inch, half-moon shaped depressions into the ground. Similar to raccoons, they will damage the sod on lawns.

Get Professional Removal Services Today

Get Professional Removal Services Today

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